Productivity Toolbox •

Below is the app / source list I use to efficiently work on research, writing and smart content consumption. You can browse them according to the theme its connected to (e.g. work-related, entertainment) or a very specific use case / problem it solves (e.g. I want to have a full access to my clipboard history).

Where noted, the apps are the part of the Setapp suite. Please note that this list is macOS / iOS / padOS-oriented as Mac ecosystem, in my opinion, is far better for productivity landscape and tooling. The list will be constantly updated if a new tool makes it way into my toolbox – either for me looking around ProductHunt or getting recommendations from like-minded folks.

Current update: 25 March 2024.

Transparency info – many of the links include referrals.


🔍 Raycast

🦁 Brave

✍️ UpNotes

📆 Fantastical

✉️ Spark

✂️ CleanShot X

📓 Things 3

🎵 Spotify


📪 Email client: Spark (included in Setapp suite)

📺 Screenshot / Screen recordings / OCR: CleanShotX (included in Setapp suite)

🎤 Voice-to-text solution: Oasis / Whisper Notes / AudioPen

✍️ Auto-notes from meetings: TL;DR

🎛️ Control Center: Raycast

✍️ Writing Software: ReflectApp / Ulysses (included in Setapp suite) / uFocus

🖌️ For making presentations: Canva

👩‍💼 Task Manager / ToDo software: Things

🔏 Habit Tracker: Habitica

🎤 Podcast app: PocketCast

📚 Real-it-later / Newsletter App: Omnivore

📆 Calendar: Fantastical

🦁 Browser: Brave / Arc

🔑 Password manager: 1password

🕧 Time tracker: Rize / Sessions (included in Setapp suite)

✍️ Note Taking App: UpNote / Floating Notes in Raycast for quick note-taking. Previously: ReflectApp / SideNotes (included in Setapp suite)

📺 Screen management: Mosaic (included in Setapp suite)

📺 External Brightness configurator for Mac: DisplayBuddy (included in Setapp suite)

🪫 Battery management: AlDente Pro (included in Setapp suite)

🧹 Toolbar management: Bartender (included in Setapp suite)

🤔 Shortcut reminder: CheatSheet

🚀 Emoji App: Rocket

🎵 Noise Cancelling software for calls: Krisp

📺 App that adjusts a display’s color temperature according to location / time: F.lux

💻 Making Drag & Drop on Mac more efficient: Dropover

🕧 TimeZone Tool: Menu World Time

🗒️ SideNotes on a Mac: SideNotes (included in Setapp suite) / Alternative: Apple Notes

✍️ Reading Tool that I can make manual notes in with a sync feature: Goodnotes

🔴 Distraction blocker for Mac & iOS: Freedom

🧹 Mac Cleaning Software: Clean My Mac (included in Setapp Suite)

👩‍💼 For link / resource management:

🎥 Video Downloader: Downie (included in Setapp Suite)

🫡 Professional relationship manager: Clay

📚 PDF Reader: NitroPDF (included in Setapp Suite)

📚 RSS Reader: Reeder

🧹 App cleaner: AppCleaner

📚 Read it Later: Omnivore / Matter / Pocket

⌨️ Text replacement & Keyboard Shortcut App: Text Expander

🔍 Research CoPilot: Perplexity

💸 Web3 Wallet: MetaMask / Rainbow Wallet

📚 Highlighting quotes from paper books: Highlighted

📸 Free picture database: Unsplash

Browser Extensions:

🍪 Cookies: I still don’t care about cookies

🔗 Link management (open, copy, bookmark multiple links): Linkclump

🔴 Removing social media noise: News Feed Eradicator

👩‍💼 Tab management: OneTab


🎵 For listening to music: Spotify / Bandcamp

🎵 For tracking listening data / habits: (you can lurk what I listen to here)

🎵 Scrobbling from desktop player to NepTunes

🎵 Scrobbling from browser (Brave extension): Webscrobbler

📚 For tracking reading and wishlisting books: Goodreads (you can lurk what I read here)

🎥 For tracking movies I watch and data connected with it: Letterbox (you can lurk what I watch here)


🚶‍♀️ For walking / hiking tracking: Strava

🏋️‍♂️ For workout planning and exercise creation: Fitbod

Specific use cases:

➡️ Preventing Mac from Switching Off: Caffeine

➡️ I want to efficiently drag & drop on Mac, including pictures from the web: Dropover

➡️ I want to paste emojis in text but copy-paste from web pages takes to long: Rocket

➡️ I want to efficiently monitor my time and projects I work on: Rize

➡️ I want one calendar that integrates with Google Calendar, Office, Facebook Events, Meetup Events etc: Fantastical

➡️ I don’t want to write the same thing over and over: TextExpander

➡️ I want to have access to clipboard history: CopyClip, Paste (included in Setapp Suite) and a feature in Raycast

➡️ I want to have an efficient email client with Google Suite integration: Spark

➡️ I want and customizable Pomodoro Timer: Sessions (included in Setapp Suite)

➡️ I want to adjusts my display’s color temperature according to location and time of day: F.lux

➡️ I often forget keyboard shortcuts and cannot print every cheatsheet for every app: Cheatsheet

➡️ I get easily distracted and want to turn distracting apps off: Freedom / Sessions (included in Setapp suite)

➡️ I have a PDF/webpage I want to copy text from but the copy function is blocked: CleanShotX

➡️ I’m looking for an Gmail alternative: Proton Mail

➡️ My Mac’s toolbar is a mess as I have loads of icons there: Bartender (included in Setapp Suite)

➡️ I do various things on my browser and would like to have different profiles for each of the activities I do in a browser (eg. work-related, hobby related): Arc

➡️ I have too many windos opened on my deskop and have to get them in order fast: Mosaic (included in Setapp suite)

➡️ I want to delete an app with all the files connected with it: AppCleaner

➡️ Apple Sticknotes are not enough, I want something better: sideNotes (included in Setapp suite) and Raycast’s Floating Notes

➡️ Apple Notes is not enough, I need a note app for networked notes: Reflect App / Obsidian

➡️ Apple Notes is not enough, I need a note app with structured notes: Evernote

➡️ I love and want to scrobble from other music players than Spotify: NepTunes for desktop, Webscrobbler for browser

➡️ My inbox is cluttered with newsletters, I need a service to get this in order: Omnivore / Matter

➡️ I need a Read-it-Later app: Omnivore / Matter / Pocket

➡️ I want to cut down on app subscription / prices – is there a Netflix equivalent for Apps? Setapp Suite

➡️ I want to block certain apps on my smartphone to be better focused: Freedom

➡️ I want to block certain apps on my computer to be better focused: Freedom

➡️ I don’t want to be writing the same thing over and over (eg. email address, bank account number, email template): TextExpander

➡️ By the end of the year I want to have a summary from all sources I was listening to, not only Spotify Wrapped:

➡️ I forget to write down keyboard shortcuts: CheatSheet

➡️ I want to do efficient research and need a entry point with materials etc.: Perplexity Ai

➡️ I read paper books and want to have my underlinings including passages and quotes digitised: Highlighted

➡️ I have a problem with configuring brightness for external display for Mac: DisplayBuddy (included in Setapp suite)

➡️ I want to have my meetings transcribed and summarised: TLDR

➡️ I have loads of links to open from one side. Don’t want to click on them separately: Linkclump

➡️ I have too many tabs on my browser and want to manage them efficiently: OneTab

➡️ I don’t have a time to read newsletters, X or any other medium and I’m looking for top content on tech, web3 and product: Kiwi News

➡️ I’m looking for free photos I can use for my newsletter / blog / instagram / youtube: Unsplash