Questions for the brain •

Questions I try to ask myself to direct me in the right way.


  • Will there be solution such as Stripe for transferring phygital assets (automatisation of transferring the digital side at least)?
  • Is Gen AI for Millennials / Gen X the world-building equivalent of Minecraft / Roblox for Gen Alpha / Gen Z?
  • Is the mass adoption of GenAI tools can be traced to the fact that GenAI features are often associated with magic wands and sparkles? (tried to answer it here)
  • Can Web3-based social products (Lens, Farcaster etc.) become mainstream just like Meta’s products did?
  • Will gaming subscription become the basis for the casual console gamer/handheld PC gamer) and will have an impact on casual console gamer spending? (currently, the situation is – not with this generation of consoles, maybe in 5-10 years when the approach towards gaming subs will be the same as to the ones with video/music)