How DekuDeals creator helped his community do save millions of dollars – Interview with Michael Fairley

What are the most valuable data projects? The ones that impact the community (huge or/and niche), can diagnose obstacles and find a way for improvement. They are passion-driven but can serve a business(creating a new product for a company etc.) or a semi-business purpose (the project can become the sole source of income for a person and, at the same time, life-changing experience). In short – they are beneficial for the user and the creator. The undertaking I will be discussing today, ticks all the boxes when it comes to VDP1. And still, it has a lot of room to grow!

If you are a Nintendo Switch owner and an avid game buyer like me, there is a chance you’ve stumbled across DekuDeals. The website was launched in 2018 and since then has improved the shopping experience for tens of thousands Nintendo Switch users. The purpose is simple – the user can search for games that are on sale, create their wishlist and collection or get recommendations based on the titles in his/her’s collection. But there underneath the „sales” aspect, DekuDeals is aiming to be something more.

It’s a project that was brought to life to solve certain problemshigh game prices, weak game discoverability on Nintendo’s eshop, and lack of time when it came to discount searching (Nintendo’s own eShop works more like a point of sale, rather than a full-blown-marketplace). In my opinion, DekuDeals does what Nintendo’s own digital store supposed to be doing. And what is more suprising, DD is a brainchild of a certain developer and a one-man army based in Seattle, USA.

Example of Twitter users complementing on DD’s features in comparison to Nintendo’s eShop

The man is Michael Fairley. Inspired by PC deals recommendation site, he decided to build one that focused on Nintendo’s newest platform, Switch. As I began using the webpage more, I saw Michael’s creation fix many of the inconveniences I stumbled upon while using Switch. It had a real impact on my wallet („lack of time to search for cheaper games” problem solved). I stopped using Airtable for wishlist creation („need to save time for spreadsheet input + using another tool to do this” problem solved) and additionally DD became my second biggest game discoverability tool, after Youtube („spreadsheet input + game discoverability” problem solved). My wallet and productivity gene loved it:

Thanks to DD, I managed to save more than 520$

And this is not the only good thing Michael’s work done for an individual gamer. He is currently rethinking and remodeling the future of the great Deals of the Deku.


Analytic Shorts

I’ve recently started sharing bits & pieces connected with data & games on my Linkedin & Twitter. But as social media’s content is a slave to the algorithm, and tends to disappear as soon as it’s published I figured, I’ll post links to the entries/presentations on the Data Glitch. Games, data & insights go well altogether, especially when the industry has seen enormous growth and almost everybody is (or will be) interested in getting on the hype trail made of gold.

Examples of such insights include (click on the slide for a full presentation):